Who we are?

The well-rounded education of children is our priority, that's why our educational project is called "A labor of love that allows you to BE". We develop abilities and skills that allow learning, based on the achievement and mastery of basic skills.

Who we are?


We offer education to boys and girls from 6 months to 6 years old.

Education in values.

Montessori method

English emphasis


Centro Educativo Manantiales ONLY KIDS, works to train children with human and ethical values,promoting the enjoyment of a happy childhood, the harmonious development of all its dimensions,strengthening healthy coexistence for their environment, through the Montessori methodology and prioritizing English learning skills development.


Centro Educativo Manantiales ONLY KIDS, will be recognized for the excellent quality of education offers to the preschool-age child population. Offering solid formation in values, Implementing the Montessori method and developing skills for learning English,in order that child builds him/her selves as an autonomous, responsible, respectful and supportive person.

Our values


we assume our decisions and their consequences.


Fulfillment of commitments and tasks “what I start I finish with quality criteria”.


Oneself, others and the Universe.


Give the best of oneself with a spirit of service and community well-being.

«A labor of love that allows you to BE« The Educational Center was born from the love of three visionary teachers who wanted to materialize an educational project for children who are learning from the hand of their guides to BE human beings committed to their personal growth and maintaining harmonious relationships with all living beings and nature.

Nuestra historia

• María Elena Uribe Gómez
• Jairo Eduardo Restrepo Rivera
• Raúl Antonio Moreno Rozo
The Manantiales ONLY KIDS Educational Corporation is born.
Complementary English courses have been launched.
The grades of nursery, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and transition have been approved.
We started with the afternoon school day and extended school day. 
2012 we started with the afternoon school day and extended school day.
Changed its location to Loma del Escobero. 
we started with a program for babies (0-1 year).
we celebrate 20 years


Support and Tools

Provide children with careful and individual accompaniment at each stage of development, helping them find the order and structure that give them confidence; basic elements for their growth towards the future and in their own direction, according to the principles of the Montessori method.

Knowledge Building

Promote through playful processes of socialization, the path to the construction of knowledge; establishing links with their social environment, respect, autonomy, responsibility, solidarity, appreciation for themselves and for other human beings.

Preparation for Bilingual Education

Develop in children abilities and attitudes that allow them to acquire fundamental basic skills and knowledge; preparing to start a BILINGUAL education with sufficient solvency.